Here Are Some Hunky-Dory Benefits Of Playing Pokemon Go!


Playing a game of Pokemon Go can actually be real fun and cool. Anyone who has played this game at least once will fall in love with it. Even the strict parents who criticise kids when they stay all shut up inside a room playing video games or mobile games would be in for a pleasant surprise with the Pokemon Go game click this to know more about how to play the game, tips and tricks to win and also get recent updates. You could gather more information about the game from the games web page,


Pokemon Go is not just a fun game. It serves an educational purpose too. You actually get to explore new places, viewing landmarks, famous places near you and get educated through play. Even for the elders, a game of Pokemon Go can be a refreshing break from their monotonous work life. After all, all work and no play do make everyone dull! The game motivates you to get out and explore new things which make it all the more super cool. Here are some of the hunky-dory benefits of playing the game Pokemon Go:

You Never Sit Still, You Are Always On The Move!
Unlike other mobile app games which confine a person to a seat, this game requires you to get up and go out. You could try driving to the pokestops. But if you have to find the pokestops, you would surely have to get out of the car and walk slowly to the spot. For incubating eggs also you would have to walk. So for all those who are lazy to exercise, this game gives the motivation to do it.

Discovering The Specialities Of Your Place
You could actually be living near to a monument, a place of historic importance, a gorgeous landscape, etc; but you might fail to recognise it in the busy work schedules of work life or preparing for exams and projects of school. Pokemon go urges you to explore your neighbourhood and you stumble on beautiful places, landmarks, monuments or historic sites in the process. This process increases your general knowledge and you become more aware of the place you live in. You get to check out the outskirts of your town which you would have never got to see if Pokemon Go hadn’t motivated you to.

Realising How Your Surroundings Have Changed
Places change, buildings might get reconstructed, some monuments may not be there after some years. Everyone often fails to realise how our surroundings had changed over these years. With everyone often busy in their daily chores and responsibilities, they seldom take time off to explore. Pokemon Go urges them to get out and in this process, they realise that their surroundings have indeed changed a lot than it was years before.

Get To Click Some Fun Pics
When you set out to grab Pokemon creatures and Pokemon balls, you will be playing in augmented reality mode, where the Pokemon appears in real life scenarios. It would be fun to click pics of a Pokemon sitting on top of a post-box, a Pokemon standing next to the traffic signal, etc.

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